Adjusting Excel charts

Inhouse Excel Training

The standard charts in Excel hurt the eyes. Hence, please learn here, how to adjust Excel charts effectively to make them prettier.

How to adjust Excel charts step by step

Insert a standard column chart. First eliminate all the unnecessary, such as the legend, delete the axis, delete the gridlines.

Select the x-axis and double click. Select format axis. Remove tick marks. The line is very weak. So we change the color to full black and change the weiht to 2 points.

Next we are going to adjust the columns itself. Right click on the first color in the  column and choose format data series. Go to options and change the gab width to 50% instead of a 150%. As a result the bars become a lot weightier.

To conclude, we are going to adjust the colors. For this do a right click an the color in the bar and go to colors.

Finally we need to activate the data labels of this chart. You find this options under chart layout, data labels. Choose to put the data labels in the center.

Adjust the data formats in the Excel table to get all numbers to the same amount of digits. To enhance the contrast between data labels and the chart color you may change the data to white where appropriate.

A final trick is to add the totals on top of each column. To do this go to your Excel data and add a new column with the totals of each column. Then go to your chart and select add data. Change the new stack of the column chart into a line. For this change the series type. Then hide the line, by selecting no line. Finally select the data itself and move it above the columns.