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Adjusting Excel charts

Inhouse Excel Training

The standard charts in Excel hurt the eyes. Hence, please learn here, how to adjust Excel charts effectively to make them prettier. How to adjust Excel charts step by step Insert a standard column chart. First eliminate all the unnecessary, such as the legend, delete the axis, delete the gridlines. Select the x-axis and double […]

VLOOKUP function

If you do not know the Excel VLOOKUP function yet, get excited! It is about to change your life. The formula is written as =VLOOKUP(criteria, matrix, column number, 0) What the VLOOKUP function does is that it looks for a criteria across to the right in a data table in the column number that includes […]

Averageif function in Excel

The structure of the Averageif function in Excel is Averageif(range, criteria, average range) How to use the Averageif function in Excel Got to the Excel function assistant Select the Averageif function Highlight the range that has the required information Lock the cells Select the criteria for analysis For the average range select the data that […]