Excel Advanced Training as inhouse corporate workshops all over Europe

Welcome, we offer Excel advanced training workshops taught in English for corporations and organisations all over Europe. Whether you are in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, Barcelona, or Berlin. Contact as for an offer! Excel is such a power tool, it is just often not intuitiv. With our Excel advanced training we want to make working with Excel more of a joy!

Training Goals

Excel advanced trainingWith our trainings we strive to improve Excel efficiency and proficiency, so that employees can get much more out of these essential tools. As a result, the newly acquired skills lead to enhanced staff competence, confidence and productivity.


We use case studies, with close practical relevance and directly applicable use cases, to develop methodological and technical competences. This means that all taught functions and features are put in a specific context of a use case to raise interest by appealing to the curiosity of the participants. This creation of inherent interest forms the foundation for motivated participants and sustainable adaption of new skills.

Excel advanced training overview

Examples of what participants will learn:

Day 1

  • Table formatting options
  • Using filters in Excel
  • How to pull specific data out of lists
  • Frequency function
  • INDEX function
  • Pivot tables: How to analyse in seconds large data sets in many different ways
  • Conditional formatting to highlight data
  • CountIf
  • SumIf
  • AverageIf
  • Drop-down menus
  • Sparklines
  • Text to columns
  • What if analysis in data tables to show the results for many different possible scenarios at once
  • Creating column, bar, pie, line, area, and scatter charts (and what to use when)
  • Easily adding and removing data from charts
  • Working with a secondary axis
  • Working with Excel’s built-in chart styles
  • Customizing colours and cleaning up default formats
  • Applying custom number formatting to chart axes
  • 12 Essential Excel shortcuts
  • Flash fill (Excel 2013 only)
  • Array functions
  • Tips for avoiding common errors in spreadsheets

Day 2

  • How to create and modify pivot tables
  • How to create histograms to summarize data into groups
  • How to pull specific data out of lists
  • Using advanced filters in Excel
  • How to build a two sided bar chart
  • How to make a Gantt chart
  • How to build a waterfall chart
  • How to create scrolling tables
  • How to build dynamic dashboards
  • INDEX Function
  • VLOOKUP tips and tricks for marketers
  • Concatenating marketing data in Excel
  • Calculating percent delta
  • How to create and modify heat maps
  • Building charts for marketing data
  • How to chart data sets with long labels
  • Using text boxes and shapes in charts
  • How to create internal links in Excel
  • How to show change as a delta symbol
  • Special paste options
  • Formatting dates in excel
  • Auto increment lists
  • How to make custom chart templates
  • Dynamic named ranges to update charts automatically
  • 3-D references to analyse data across multiple worksheets
  • Link Excel charts and data in Word and PowerPoint
  • What if analysis in data tables

Training material

Participants will receive access to a password protected online document, which covers all topics of the training and provide a step-by-step reference for daily usage. Moreover, we provide an overview of useful resources for further reference.


Excel Trainer Joern Steinz (MBA)

Excel Trainer Joern Steinz (MBA)

Joern Steinz (MBA), born 1975, used to live in Excel and PowerPoint when he worked in consulting and corporate development positions at Accenture, XING and the Freenet Group. Now he is sharing all his favourite tips and tricks in practical workshops. In 2014 he founded the training agency SkillDay where he is also teaching WordPress, Content Marketing, Business Modelling and Time Management. His clients encompass leading organizations, such as BCG, Gruner & Jahr, Lingen, NDR, GRAVIS.


For the workshops, participants require a Laptop or PC with internet access and at least Excel version 2010. For PowerPoint any version is fine.

For the presenter we require access to a beamer or screen.


Jörn Steinz

T  +49 (0) 175 566 4329